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•Our products are: pulpstones and sharpening burrs
•We deliver to: Russia, Europe, USA, Africa, Brazil

Pulpstone is an abrasive cylindrical shaped tool assembled of separate abrasive segments concatenated by ceramic bond. 

Pulpstones are largely used for paper and board production in pulp-and-paper industry. 

•Approx. weight: 8-10 tons 
•Life cycle: up to 6 years depending on working conditions

Grinding is more ECO way of segregation than chemical. The primary source of pollution from these mills is organic material such as resin acids released from the wood when it is processed. Mechanical wood pulp is «brightened,» as opposed to bleached, using less toxic chemicals than are needed for chemical pulps.

The Factory DEFT is located in Ekaterinburg. The city is a large industrial and economical center in middle of Russian Federation. 

  •  October 9, 1934 was officially marked as the foundation day of our plant.

  •  1942 «Pulpstone Factory» moved to the present site and expanded its territory.

  • The management of the plant in 1969 succeeded in obtaining an order from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to reconstruct the plant using imported equipment.

  • Reconstruction was carried out in 1973 - 1976, a shop for ceramic stones with a capacity of 250 pieces per year was commissioned.

  •  1983 «Pulpstone Factory» began export sales worldwide: to the COMECON countries, Norway, Finland, USA, etc. 

  • The plant produces components for ceramic stones: burrs and segments, which allows us to extend the life cycle of the stone and perform timely maintenance.

Ural Pulpstones is the only manufacturer of pulpstones in Eurasia


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