Development of the industry

The pulp and paper industry of Russia shows growth in the main types of products in 2017. Moreover, after the stagnation of pulp and paper production, these sectors of the economy began to increase the volume of output. If in 2016, after a recession, production in the pulp and paper industry increased slightly, then in 2017, the industry managed to continue to grow, increasing the performance.

Paper production in Russia is gradually growing. In 2016, production indicators for the production of paper of all types in Russia increased by almost 2.3%, amounting to 5.2 million tons. The previous two years the level of paper production has increased insignificantly. In 2017, growth continues and will be about 4% Our production in 2017 shows a systematic increase in the volume of orders by attracting new customers thanks to the positive feedback from our long-term partners.

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